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3rd September
1130 to 1330 hrs Panel Discussion TBC
*1430 to 1800 hrs Training Master class TBC
4th September
1130 to 1330 hrs TBC TBC
*1430 to 1800 hrs Training Master class TBC
1430 to 1800 Hrs Workshop TBC
5th September
*1130 to 1330 hrs Training Master class TBC

PV Installation Training Master Class by Solar Energy International

DAY 1 - 3rd Sept. 2014

1. Fundamentals of PV System Architecture and Design 2 hours
This course provides a broad yet thorough technical discussion of PV systems’ architecture and components, including the latest trends and developments in equipment. The goal is to develop a fundamental understanding of the core concepts necessary to work with all PV systems, including: system components, PV module criteria, grounding and bonding, mounting solutions, and installation best practices

Site Analysis and System Sizing2 hours
Maximizing the energy production of a PV system revolves around the sun. That might seem obvious, but how do you know where to mount a PV array, which direction to point it, and what degree to tilt it to? Estimating the solar resource is critical for confidently predicting energy production for system sizing or financial calculations. An introduction to performance simulations is provided in this course.

DAY 2 - 4th Sept 2014

Battery-based Design for Residential PV Systems2 hours
Battery-based PV system design and installation is a complex task. This course provides guidance on sizing systems and selecting components for off-grid and residential battery-based applications including: PV arrays, inverters, charge controllers, battery banks, and other balance-of-system components.

Best Practice Installation for PV Systems 2 hours
The good, the bad, and the ugly: gain insight on how to do it right the first time, save on installation time and labor, and avoid unnecessary call-backs, rebuilds, and system downtime. This presentation includes details from completed residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV systems, to provide real insight into designing and building quality PV systems.

The Italian cleantech industry for the Renewable Energies development: best practices, experiences and technologies

DAY 3 - 5th Sept 2014

Large-scale Photovoltaic System Inverter and Array Configuration 2 hours
This course is an in-depth presentation on design considerations for grid-connected photovoltaic systems, focusing on multi-megawatt ground-mounted arrays. Topics include: electrical system design and optimization; inverter selection; interconnection considerations; and tips for cost-effective quality installations.

PV System Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting 2 hours
Quality assurance during construction, along with operations and maintenance over the life of a PV system, are both critical. The goal is ensuring predictable return on investment, PV system longevity, and peak productivity.  Strategic inspection and preventive maintenance programs lower ongoing costs; help maximize system uptime and availability; are essential to maintain equipment warranties; and nip potential problems in the bud. Maintenance procedures are detailed, along with tools and techniques for commissioning and troubleshooting.


Rebekah Hren is an ISPQ Certified PV Instructor for Solar Energy International, NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional, and licensed electrical contractor. Rebekah has a decade of experience working in the PV industry, and is currently the Project Engineer at solar farm developer O2 Energies, where she is responsible for insuring that design and construction of utility-scale sites exceeds National Electrical Code requirements, and for maintaining efficient fleet production. She is also a frequent author of technical articles for PV trade magazines. Prior to joining O2 Energies, Rebekah served as Vice President of Honey Electric Solar, Inc. and was responsible for design, installation, and maintenance of grid-direct and battery-backup photovoltaic systems.

Brian Mehalic has worked in the renewable energy industry for over 10 years, beginning his career as project manager and lead installer at EV Solar Products, Inc. where he was directly responsible for the design and installation of over 150 photovoltaic systems, as well as numerous solar thermal, water pumping, and wind power systems. A NABCEP certified solar installer and ISPQ certified PV instructor, he develops curriculum and teaches classes on PV system design, installation, operations and maintenance for Solar Energy International. Brian is also project engineer for O2 Energies, a North Carolina based developer of utility-scale PV systems.

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